Stress Management

Stress Management

Sometimes we don’t recognise the signs of stress as life moves so fast!!! Specially when you’re self employed.

Your mind is constantly ticking over and this can often lead to lack of sleep and reduced performance.

I wrote a blog last year on how to combat stress, which you can read here . I wrote the blog after attending a stress management conference, which informed me about the fight or flight method.

Now I’m no expert on combatting stress but I’m able to recognise when I’m stressed and take action, which I’ve done this month. HJC Office Solutions is now expanding (Yey!!!!) and all that jazz!

I’ve done so much over the last few months and one of them was setting up #sunderlandhour on Twitter. This is a twitter chat to bring local businesses together in Sunderland. It’s a result of #sunderlandhour that I’ve met Liz from Inspire Holistics.
Liz is a Reiki Master and specialises in relieving people of stress and complimentary therapies. Liz invited me to experience Reiki treatment, which I’m so glad I did.

Before the treatment Liz put me at ease telling me what was involved and what to expect.

Liz was ever the professional and invested in me. Liz told me Reiki comes at a time when you need it.

I’m going back next week for another treatment and can’t wait. I’ve took action on the findings but have also gained a lovely new acquaintance who I feel confident around.

Just remember to recognise the signs of stress and action them. Liz can help you too……

Ta ta for now

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  • Elida Reply

    That’s a skillful answer to a dilcfiuft question

    October 28, 2016 at 8:31 am

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