Beating stress

How to make your website secure

How to make your website secure I've been hearing lots of business owners saying they've had attempted hacks on their websites including me.  I'd like to tell you why you should update your website. Is your username secure and not obvious I receive several emails per day with attempted logins to my website.  My #sunderlandhour website used to get quite alot as it had the user name admin.  I've since changed this so it's not as obvious now.  If you have the [...]

How to block an IP address from your website

How to block an IP address from your website I've heard lots of people saying they've had attempted logins to their websites over the last few days.  I've had one rather persistent guy from France attempt to get into my #sunderlandhour website every day. So, I called the Tech Angel aka Kelly Cairns who told me about Lion Scripts. What is Lion Scripts? An IP Blocker and Spam stopper - it's as simple as that If you have your security set up like mine [...]

Lap top won’t shut down after Windows 10 upgrade

Lap top won't shut down after Windows 10 upgrade So, for those of you who know or follow me on Facebook will know that the Windows 10 upgrade has been causing me some problems.  The main concern was my Lap top won't shut down after Windows 10 upgrade. I NEVER install new updates on phones, computers or even buy a new car model when it comes out and normally wait for all the problems to be ironed out.  This is what [...]

Outlook won’t send emails since Windows 10 update

Help! Outlook won't send emails since Windows 10 update So, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 today... I personally quite like it but would still prefer to be working in Windows 7.  Hey Ho though we must all embrace change.  I was still on Vista this time last year. I bought a new lap top earlier this year and it was a big adjustment, however, I loved how windows 8 looked with all the bright colours and the apps on the main [...]

Mobiles and lack of sleep

I've been suffering with terrible lack of sleep for the last few months and thought it might have been that I've got alot on at the minute. A colleague pointed out to me that I sit most nights on my phone or tablet marketing my business using social media platforms.  Some nights I'm on my phone till bed time.  Don't get me wrong, it's not all work, work and no play but I didn't realise how bad it had got. [...]

Stress Management

Sometimes we don't recognise the signs of stress as life moves so fast!!! Specially when you're self employed. Your mind is constantly ticking over and this can often lead to lack of sleep and reduced performance. I wrote a blog last year on how to combat stress, which you can read here . I wrote the blog after attending a stress management conference, which informed me about the fight or flight method. Now I'm no expert on combatting stress but I'm able [...]

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