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How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager

How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager I'm writing today unhinged and in a state of de-stressing from my experience with Facebook Business Manager.  After what I went through this morning I'd like to tell you how to remove Facebook page from Business Manager. Alot of my clients are wanting to use Facebook Advertising so I thought I'd check out Facebook Business Manager after receiving a recommendation from a Virtual Assistant Forum I'm in. It looked great but quite a bit [...]

Taking a selfie

Taking a Selfie We all know how much "taking a selfie" is all the rage now.  You see it everywhere since the famous Oscar shot! You have to admit that everyone is at it.  I love a good selfie. So, why am I blogging about taking a selfie?  Well, I use social media to promote HJC Business Solutions and Facebook and Instagram are included in that. Now you maybe thinking hang on a minute why is she talking about taking selfies and [...]

How to block an IP address from your website

How to block an IP address from your website I've heard lots of people saying they've had attempted logins to their websites over the last few days.  I've had one rather persistent guy from France attempt to get into my #sunderlandhour website every day. So, I called the Tech Angel aka Kelly Cairns who told me about Lion Scripts. What is Lion Scripts? An IP Blocker and Spam stopper - it's as simple as that If you have your security set up like mine [...]

How to use Mailchimp

How to use Mailchimp For those of you that don't know, I compile, design and send out newsletters for businesses and love it.  I often get asked by clients how to use Mailchimp.  It's so easy to use, however, if you don't have the time to do it it's better off outsourcing to someone like me. Starting off with Mailchimp Now, I'm going to get on my soap box here.  I've been using Mailchimp since my business launched a few years ago. [...]

Captcha problems

Captcha problems Hello!  Captcha can be used to secure your sites and to confirm the person entering is actually human.  Captchas have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  However I have come across some Captcha problems on several systems. Captchas don't always work well with flash, which in turn can cause problems for iphone users trying to access content online if it is Captcha protected. Some Captchas don't always appear if the system being used to sign up or sign [...]

Disable right click on your website

Disable right click on your website During time as a Virtual Assistant I have had various people pinch my content and art work.  This is so frustrating considering I've spent the time compiling and designing. So, I want to tell you about a little plugin I've just come across and a bit gutted I didn't know it was there in the first place as it would of saved me alot of bother over the last few years...  Also wondering why web [...]

Building your email list

Building your email list Building your email list is important to any business and should be one of the first things you start doing when.  If you have a list of potential and existing customers this enables you to send out offers, product updates and information and tips. Advantages of having a list There are lots of advantages, which I won't go into here but Social media feeds move very quickly meaning your updates can be missed, however if you send an [...]

Outlook won’t send emails since Windows 10 update

Help! Outlook won't send emails since Windows 10 update So, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 today... I personally quite like it but would still prefer to be working in Windows 7.  Hey Ho though we must all embrace change.  I was still on Vista this time last year. I bought a new lap top earlier this year and it was a big adjustment, however, I loved how windows 8 looked with all the bright colours and the apps on the main [...]

I’m an NBSL Provider

I'm an NBSL Provider There's nothing worse than trying to set up your business and forking out for cost upon cost upon cost......  I received no help what so ever when setting up and paid for everything out of my own pocket.  I couldn't believe there was nothing out there to help small businesses like me when the fat cats were coining it in. So, a little birdie told me about becoming an NBSL Provider, what is that I asked.  It's [...]

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