Why do I need a website

Why do I need a website Are you a business owner? Do you have a website?  If you do, then jog on this blog isn’t for you.  If you don’t you may ask “why do I need a website?” Well let me help you understand why it’s important to have a website. You are available 24 hours for people to look at what your organisation does Is a FREE Marketing campaign for you allowing people to browse your products, testimonials and learn [...]

Why blogging is important

Why blogging is important Let me take a short moment of your time to talk about why blogging is important.  Blogging is important and not just to get your business noticed but for SEO (search engine optimisation) and ranking on search engines. Blogging helps you engage with potential customers and allows you to showcase your content on a wider scale.  It’s also a great marketing tool as people can see what your organisation does and gives you the chance to be [...]

Disable right click on your website

Disable right click on your website During time as a Virtual Assistant I have had various people pinch my content and art work.  This is so frustrating considering I've spent the time compiling and designing. So, I want to tell you about a little plugin I've just come across and a bit gutted I didn't know it was there in the first place as it would of saved me alot of bother over the last few years...  Also wondering why web [...]

Twitter changes

Changes afoot on Twitter. I've been reading an online article in the Telegraph this morning that outlines the following changes to Twitter. Twitter will soon be replacing the current chronological stream of recent tweets with what they call a smattered grid. This new feature will draw attention to those that have had most interaction. Pinning key tweets is also being introduced... What's this I hear you cry? It means you can pin an informative or key tweet to [...]

Self Development

Hello! I been playing a lot with my new Wordpress website sunderlandhour this last week. I've learned quite a lot too. Big pat on the back for me and a big round of applause for Mark Bewick from Claro Creative for hosting and designing. We all need to learn new skills to keep moving with the times. I must admit I've been quite scared of doing some of the techy stuff for a while and still have a lot to [...]

Home Training

Hello again, Over the last 10 years I have worked in Education and Training and wow!  How times have changed.  I remember working full time in my day to day job then going to College 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm to attend my Business HNC and HND. Now we have e-Learning and distance learning, which means we can train from the comfort of our own home. These types of learning also mean that you can watch videos, read from text all in [...]

Mailchimp has changed

I just wanted to do a quick blog post to notify all my followers that Mailchimp has implemented small changes. These changes are very small with the general look and feel remaining the same. Settings to Log Out, access Account Settings and Support are now located in the top right hand corner and not on the left hand side. To access Campaigns, Lists, Reports and Autoresponders click on the three chevrons on the left hand side of the screen. When designing a campaign [...]

Google+ custom URL’s

Hello everyone!! Hope you're having a good week. We are now half way through.. I wanted to share more social media tips with you today... Google+ have expanded their availability of Custom URL's. To qualify for this you need the following: Profile picture Have more than 10 followers Have an account that is older than 30 days If you have this then your "quids in" as they say. Hot foot it over to your profile and claim your URL.. Over and out Helen

Facebook apps

There are big debates going on at the minute relating to marketing and what social media platforms are the best. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the leaders, however I'm sat on the fence when it comes to deciding, which is best for my business. I tell my clients to use which one works best for them. Whilst this debate is going on I'm improving the look of my Facebook business page. To help me with this Faceboook have developed [...]

Top 5 WordPress plugins

I'm currently working with guest bloggers to give the best advice for businesses and their procedures and systems. I've had some amazing guest blogs and this one is no different. Caroline Wilkinson from Oogly talks about the Top 5 Wordpress Plugins you can use. We hope you enjoy and if you do, please leave a comment. Wordpress is a fantastic platform, not only because of its flexibility in creating a website, blog, or online shop, but because of the massive community that [...]

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