Time Management

Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages

Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages So today was the day Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages.  How does this make you feel? The news has been greeted with nothing but positivity in the social media world.  This is just a snap shot from the offcial announcement: "While Twitter is largely a public experience, Direct Messages let you have private conversations about the memes, news, movements and events that unfold on Twitter.  Each of the hundreds of millions [...]

Mobiles and lack of sleep

I've been suffering with terrible lack of sleep for the last few months and thought it might have been that I've got alot on at the minute. A colleague pointed out to me that I sit most nights on my phone or tablet marketing my business using social media platforms.  Some nights I'm on my phone till bed time.  Don't get me wrong, it's not all work, work and no play but I didn't realise how bad it had got. [...]

Social media

All business owners should know the importance of social media, its growing so fast and is proving popular with more and more businesses benefiting from referrals and new business. Lots of my clients ask me "do I need to use social media?" My answer would be "it's not for everyone, however I would recommend getting involved and sampling what benefits or new business is available via social media." Today I'm going to list some basic pointers to help [...]

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