Taking a selfie

Taking a Selfie We all know how much "taking a selfie" is all the rage now.  You see it everywhere since the famous Oscar shot! You have to admit that everyone is at it.  I love a good selfie. So, why am I blogging about taking a selfie?  Well, I use social media to promote HJC Business Solutions and Facebook and Instagram are included in that. Now you maybe thinking hang on a minute why is she talking about taking selfies and [...]

Why your business should use Twitter

Why your business should use Twitter If you’re a small business I’d like to tell you about why your business should use Twitter.  If you’re not using Twitter can I ask why not? Twitter is fast becoming the best place to showcase your business and is a micro blogging platform.  Twitter was the first social media platform I set up when I set up my business and I’ve since won awards for my efforts. I’ve run the VERY successful #sunderlandhour on Twitter [...]

Twitter followers increased to 5000

Twitter followers increased to 5000 Twitter announced last week that's Twitter followers are increased to 5000. This applies to accounts that are following more people than are following them. Previously Twitter capped followers at 2000 if they didn't have many people following them back.   This would cause problems as people then had to decide who to unfollow to allow them to follow newer people, which is a huge pain in the ass. So these changes are welcomed by me as it [...]

How to get extra followers on Twitter

How to get extra followers on Twitter Social media is becoming more and more popular and can be engrained into our everday lives.  It is so important for businesses to get involved  and jump on board the social train. The one question I get asked by my clients all the time is how to get extra followers on Twitter.  Well, the answer is quite simple: engagement. Today I'd like to tell you some top tips of how to get extra followers on [...]

Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages

Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages So today was the day Twitter removes 140 character limit for Direct Messages.  How does this make you feel? The news has been greeted with nothing but positivity in the social media world.  This is just a snap shot from the offcial announcement: "While Twitter is largely a public experience, Direct Messages let you have private conversations about the memes, news, movements and events that unfold on Twitter.  Each of the hundreds of millions [...]

Social Media tips

I've recently just finished working on a training project with a new business.  They'd tasked me with helping them understand Twitter more and how it can be used for their business. To ensure this was a success I adopted three things I would cover: Hash tags Scheduling Engagement Hash tags Hash tags are used as part of the search facility in Twitter and if you carry out a search for say example : virtual assistant, any tweets containing the term virtual assistant or #virtualassistant [...]

Find out what your first tweet was

Happy Birthday Twitter and to my Dad!! Can't believe my Dad shares his birthday with my beloved Twitter... Twitter is marking its 8th birthday by launching a new tool.... Oooooo I hear you say..... :-) I love new tools... The new tool allows users to look up their VERY first tweet to Twitter.. What is it? All you do is type in the name of any Twitter account and you can see what the first tweet was.. Go on try it. [...]

Twitter changes

Changes afoot on Twitter. I've been reading an online article in the Telegraph this morning that outlines the following changes to Twitter. Twitter will soon be replacing the current chronological stream of recent tweets with what they call a smattered grid. This new feature will draw attention to those that have had most interaction. Pinning key tweets is also being introduced... What's this I hear you cry? It means you can pin an informative or key tweet to [...]

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