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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy Is your website Cookie Compliant and does it have a Cookie Policy?  If not then you need to be. It's so easy to make your website Cookie Compliant and add a Cookie Policy.  I'm using WordPress and have access to a range of Cookie Plugins. The Plugin I highly recommend is called Cookie Consent and is advertised by Wordpress as "the only cookie consent plugin you'll ever need" GREAT STUFF. The Plugin does the following Creates a Cookie Policy page to your [...]

Taking a selfie

Taking a Selfie We all know how much "taking a selfie" is all the rage now.  You see it everywhere since the famous Oscar shot! You have to admit that everyone is at it.  I love a good selfie. So, why am I blogging about taking a selfie?  Well, I use social media to promote HJC Business Solutions and Facebook and Instagram are included in that. Now you maybe thinking hang on a minute why is she talking about taking selfies and [...]

Why blogging is important

Why blogging is important Let me take a short moment of your time to talk about why blogging is important.  Blogging is important and not just to get your business noticed but for SEO (search engine optimisation) and ranking on search engines. Blogging helps you engage with potential customers and allows you to showcase your content on a wider scale.  It’s also a great marketing tool as people can see what your organisation does and gives you the chance to be [...]

Using Padlet

Using Padlet It's been a while since I blogged about learning technologies so here it goes. I'm hearing more and more about seminars and classrooms using Padlet in various ways to showcase findings, research and lesson activities.  Padlet showcases itself in saying "Padlet is the easiest way to collaborate in the world" and I agree. Padlet used to be known as Wall Wisher and was mainly used in classrooms with educators.  Learners would sit at computers or lap tops and send a [...]

Twitter followers increased to 5000

Twitter followers increased to 5000 Twitter announced last week that's Twitter followers are increased to 5000. This applies to accounts that are following more people than are following them. Previously Twitter capped followers at 2000 if they didn't have many people following them back.   This would cause problems as people then had to decide who to unfollow to allow them to follow newer people, which is a huge pain in the ass. So these changes are welcomed by me as it [...]

How to block an IP address from your website

How to block an IP address from your website I've heard lots of people saying they've had attempted logins to their websites over the last few days.  I've had one rather persistent guy from France attempt to get into my #sunderlandhour website every day. So, I called the Tech Angel aka Kelly Cairns who told me about Lion Scripts. What is Lion Scripts? An IP Blocker and Spam stopper - it's as simple as that If you have your security set up like mine [...]

How to use Mailchimp

How to use Mailchimp For those of you that don't know, I compile, design and send out newsletters for businesses and love it.  I often get asked by clients how to use Mailchimp.  It's so easy to use, however, if you don't have the time to do it it's better off outsourcing to someone like me. Starting off with Mailchimp Now, I'm going to get on my soap box here.  I've been using Mailchimp since my business launched a few years ago. [...]

How to get extra followers on Twitter

How to get extra followers on Twitter Social media is becoming more and more popular and can be engrained into our everday lives.  It is so important for businesses to get involved  and jump on board the social train. The one question I get asked by my clients all the time is how to get extra followers on Twitter.  Well, the answer is quite simple: engagement. Today I'd like to tell you some top tips of how to get extra followers on [...]

Lap top won’t shut down after Windows 10 upgrade

Lap top won't shut down after Windows 10 upgrade So, for those of you who know or follow me on Facebook will know that the Windows 10 upgrade has been causing me some problems.  The main concern was my Lap top won't shut down after Windows 10 upgrade. I NEVER install new updates on phones, computers or even buy a new car model when it comes out and normally wait for all the problems to be ironed out.  This is what [...]

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