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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy Is your website Cookie Compliant and does it have a Cookie Policy?  If not then you need to be. It's so easy to make your website Cookie Compliant and add a Cookie Policy.  I'm using WordPress and have access to a range of Cookie Plugins. The Plugin I highly recommend is called Cookie Consent and is advertised by Wordpress as "the only cookie consent plugin you'll ever need" GREAT STUFF. The Plugin does the following Creates a Cookie Policy page to your [...]

Why do I need a website

Why do I need a website Are you a business owner? Do you have a website?  If you do, then jog on this blog isn’t for you.  If you don’t you may ask “why do I need a website?” Well let me help you understand why it’s important to have a website. You are available 24 hours for people to look at what your organisation does Is a FREE Marketing campaign for you allowing people to browse your products, testimonials and learn [...]

How to make your website secure

How to make your website secure I've been hearing lots of business owners saying they've had attempted hacks on their websites including me.  I'd like to tell you why you should update your website. Is your username secure and not obvious I receive several emails per day with attempted logins to my website.  My #sunderlandhour website used to get quite alot as it had the user name admin.  I've since changed this so it's not as obvious now.  If you have the [...]

How to block an IP address from your website

How to block an IP address from your website I've heard lots of people saying they've had attempted logins to their websites over the last few days.  I've had one rather persistent guy from France attempt to get into my #sunderlandhour website every day. So, I called the Tech Angel aka Kelly Cairns who told me about Lion Scripts. What is Lion Scripts? An IP Blocker and Spam stopper - it's as simple as that If you have your security set up like mine [...]

Disable right click on your website

Disable right click on your website During time as a Virtual Assistant I have had various people pinch my content and art work.  This is so frustrating considering I've spent the time compiling and designing. So, I want to tell you about a little plugin I've just come across and a bit gutted I didn't know it was there in the first place as it would of saved me alot of bother over the last few years...  Also wondering why web [...]

Self Development

Hello! I been playing a lot with my new Wordpress website sunderlandhour this last week. I've learned quite a lot too. Big pat on the back for me and a big round of applause for Mark Bewick from Claro Creative for hosting and designing. We all need to learn new skills to keep moving with the times. I must admit I've been quite scared of doing some of the techy stuff for a while and still have a lot to [...]

Top 5 WordPress plugins

I'm currently working with guest bloggers to give the best advice for businesses and their procedures and systems. I've had some amazing guest blogs and this one is no different. Caroline Wilkinson from Oogly talks about the Top 5 Wordpress Plugins you can use. We hope you enjoy and if you do, please leave a comment. Wordpress is a fantastic platform, not only because of its flexibility in creating a website, blog, or online shop, but because of the massive community that [...]

How to design & host a website

Starting out writing and designing a website can be difficult and confusing. I'm not a web designer but wanted to write a blog about it to help people. I know an amazing website designer who has a wealth of knowledge and was so pleased when he offered to write me a guest blog on website design and hosting. Graeme Boxwell of Boxwell Web Design has written this blog. We hope you find it useful and informative. So you have started up [...]

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