Why do I need a website

Why do I need a website

Why do I need a website

Are you a business owner? Do you have a website?  If you do, then jog on this blog isn’t for you.  If you don’t you may ask “why do I need a website?” Well let me help you understand why it’s important to have a website.

  • You are available 24 hours for people to look at what your organisation does
  • Is a FREE Marketing campaign for you allowing people to browse your products, testimonials and learn about your expertise, which potentially could convert to a new customer.
  • When you buy a domain you receive email addresses with it.  These allow you to have a professional email address, for example admin@hjcbusinesssolutions.  This email address is from my domain and looks more professional than hjcbusiness@gmail.com don’t you think?
  • You can create landing pages for offers and products that you want to sell and market these generating potential customers again to your website.
  • You can build online relationships with other organisations and have a referral network based on recommendations.
  • Having a website gives you credibility.  If people want to see what you do they can go to your website and view your testimonials, read your blogs, see your offers and generally browse you site, which demonstrates you are the real deal and are serious about your business.
  • Having a website is like having an online catalogue.  If you network and attend business seminars you can then direct those people to your website.
  • Websites enable potential customers to have world wide access to your content and what you offer.  What more could you want and all of this available at the touch of a button.

The world wide web is now used by most people to find products and people that they need.  Gone are the days of yellow pages so if you don’t have a website you’re missing out on all of the potential customers you could have.

If you would like a website why not give my Web Team a shout.  We can create a unique and professional website optimised for your business needs.

Head over to our Web Site packages to find out what we do.

Have a great week!



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