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My clients often say to me “what do I blog about?”

The basic rule of thumb is don’t do it if you’ve got nothing to say. You want to attract an audience and traffic to your blog not scare them away with rubbish!!

So, I thought I’d put some blogging ideas out there for you:


If you’ve learned how to do something new write about it. Give step by step instructions to your audience with picture guides if possible.

If systems change write about it. People always Google how to guides when things change.


Market yourself! Put the word out there about what you do. Tell your readers the benefits of working with you. Don’t boast!!


If a new programme or software package is released why not review it and write about it. Give your verdict and opinion and get your readers to engage their thoughts by leaving comments.

Guest Blog

Ask guest bloggers to write an article for you about their specialism and how they could potentially support your customers.

Day in the life

Speak to people in your niche market and ask them to describe a typical day in their business.

Follow this up with a blog on how you can help them.


A simple blog could be tips about a particular subject. My first ever blog was 5 tips for Twitter. Very basic but got my first blog out there.

If you’re in fitness you could blog three times a week or daily with a fitness tip. This could be typed or even video or picture…..

I hope you’ve had some good blogging tips here…. Ill leave you to ponder and would love to see some links to your blogs left in my comments so I can read 🙂

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