Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Is your website Cookie Compliant and does it have a Cookie Policy?  If not then you need to be.

It’s so easy to make your website Cookie Compliant and add a Cookie Policy.  I’m using WordPress and have access to a range of Cookie Plugins.

The Plugin I highly recommend is called Cookie Consent and is advertised by WordPress as “the only cookie consent plugin you’ll ever need” GREAT STUFF.

The Plugin does the following

  • Creates a Cookie Policy page to your website containing the information you need to display
  • Choice of dismissal method – either on click by the user or timed
  • Choice of dismissal element – either button or ‘x’ close
  • Option to show the notification on the first page only – subsequent pages visited by the user will not display the message
  • Choice of position – either top or bottom bar, or floating in one of the corners of the screen
  • Better translation support
  • Better responsive support
  • More customization options – including the ability to update styles from within the customizer
  • Inherits your theme styles where possible
  • The option to use an absolute or external URL to link to for further information
  • Set the cookie duration
  • Set the cookie version – updating a version will reset the cookie on all user sites


To install the Plugin all you need to do is to navigate to the Plugins from your dashboard, carry out a search for Cookie Consent and then install.  WordPress will guide you through the rest.

Voila, simples. Also, if you join my up and coming membership site you’ll have access to my ebook, which details WordPress plugins for new websites.  This is not to be missed and will tell you exactly what plugins are essential to your new WordPress website for securty, copyright and online data policies.

Privacy Policy

Your website also needs a Privacy Policy.  Click here to see what I’ve put in mine and adjust to suit your needs

Keep an eye out for when I launch my membership site and grab your WordPress ebook.  Until next time, keep sparkling.




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