Do you have time for social media?

Do you have time for social media?

In this busy world alot of businesses are unable to have a presence online and on social media platforms. This is often due to busy workloads or working on site in construction and trades.

You don’t have to be absent from social media.

I often have clients ask well how can I tweet or update my Facebook when I’m standing on a roof? The answer to this is simple, you don’t. A buffer programme will do it for you.

There are several buffer programmes out there and the way they work is like setting your sky plus, video recorder or oven timer.

Buffers can work on the following programmes:

Facebook and business pages
Linked In
Four Square

You simply enter your information you want to send the night or day before. The programme then sends your updates on your behalf at the required time. This leaves you to be tiling that roof, plumbing in a washing machine, wiring up a plug or training your client.

The beauty of these apps or programmes is that they give you an online presence when you aren’t able to be there.

You do however need to schedule time to be live and network with your virtual audience.

The following programmes are available on iPhone, HTC and Android network phones:

Hoot suite
Tweet Caster

All of these programmes allow you to schedule online social media information.

Hoot suite is also available on a lap top or PC.

If your not techy’d up and would like some guidance on how to use these buffer programmes contact me. I use them regularly.




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