Facebook and IOS7


I was wondering what all the fuss was about with IOS7 so thought I’d find out… There’s some great features and changes to apps, which I’ve detailed below..

First however, I’d like to talk about videos with Facebook.

Videos within your timeline will automatically start to play. Originally when videos appeared in your timeline they didn’t have any sound, now they do!’

The video will be silent, however you can select it to play sound and open in full screen mode.

If you’re brave enough you have downloaded IOS7!!!

The changes have been greeted with mixed reports from customers, some slating the new design and others commenting “it’s like having a brand new phone!”

The Facebook app has been redesigned to cope with IOS7. These changes include: new menu at the bottom of the screen improving navigation. The changes are said to improve user experience. The app has also been designed to fit in with the look of IOS7.

The question is now do you dare to upgrade!?

Over and out

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