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There are big debates going on at the minute relating to marketing and what social media platforms are the best.

Twitter and Facebook seem to be the leaders, however I’m sat on the fence when it comes to deciding, which is best for my business. I tell my clients to use which one works best for them.

Whilst this debate is going on I’m improving the look of my Facebook business page. To help me with this Faceboook have developed apps that can be downloaded and linked up to ALL your social media platforms and much more!!

One example of these apps is RSS Social, which pulls your RSS feeds into your Facebook page. It’s fab!!

I’ve just finished writing my newest newsletter, which will be distributed this Friday (28th June) detailing my recommended apps to be installed to your Facebook page.

I’ve also included links to all apps so all you have to do is login to Facebook and click on the links provided in my newsletter. Facebook will do the rest.

Oh and before you receive this you will need to sign up to my newsletter clicking on this link: http://eepurl.com/ugBl5

Over and out!!

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