How to make your website secure

How to make your website secure

How to make your website secure

I’ve been hearing lots of business owners saying they’ve had attempted hacks on their websites including me.  I’d like to tell you why you should update your website.

Is your username secure and not obvious

I receive several emails per day with attempted logins to my website.  My #sunderlandhour website used to get quite alot as it had the user name admin.  I’ve since changed this so it’s not as obvious now.  If you have the user name admin I would highly recommend you change it.  To do this you will need to:

  • Create a new user name with the same permissions as the original
  • Make sure the new user name isn’t admin as this is the most hackable and risky user name you can have
  • Log into the website with the new user name
  • Delete the old username admin.  You’ll receive a message asking if you want to give all permissions to the new user name.  Yes allocate it.
  • You now have a more secure user name.

If you get stuck with any of the above please let me know and I’ll try to help.

Keep your plugins and themes up to date

Updating your plugins and themes is crucial.  Your website should notify you via the dashboard as to what needs updating.  You can then click through each individual update or click Apply all and the website will update.

With the amount of hacks that are happening lately I would advise checking this every two days or if you’re really worried check it daily.

You should also receive an email from your website informing you that plugins need updating.

I hadn’t updated some of the themes on my #sunderlandhour website and it brought the whole hosting package to a stand still.  This also included other websites also hosted on the same server.  So lesson learned!

Install Security

I see so many clients have websites designed without any security and this makes me mad.  Let’s face it, if you’re not a web designer or a Techno Wonderful person you won’t know about website security and how to install it.  I would recommend WP Security and Wordfence and both are free.

These plugins allow you to decrease the amount of times people can try logging into your website.  They also do the all singing and all dancing security things you would expect to get and email you when anything is wrong.

Blocking IP addresses

When someone attempts to log into your website you should receive an email from your security plugin that will identify the IP address that is trying to login.  You can stop this IP from seeing your website by installing Lionscript plugin. Get it here.

It’s a great piece of software the either gives the user a blank white screen or a screen alerting them to the fact you know they’ve tried to get into your website.

So, now you have the basics to help you keep your website secure.  Remember updating is key.

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