How to use Mailchimp

How to use Mailchimp

For those of you that don’t know, I compile, design and send out newsletters for businesses and love it.  I often get asked by clients how to use Mailchimp.  It’s so easy to use, however, if you don’t have the time to do it it’s better off outsourcing to someone like me.

Starting off with Mailchimp

Now, I’m going to get on my soap box here.  I’ve been using Mailchimp since my business launched a few years ago.  I started off with basic use and my campaigns looked ok but nothing special.  I wanted to offer this as a service to my clients and businesses, however, didn’t want to offer the service with my basic knowledge.  So, I invested the time to learn how to use all the features Mailchimp had, which allowed me to start creating quality campaigns.

Getting to the point

I have a got a point, which I’m getting to now.  If you’re going to offer a service to clients but don’t know how to use the features properly yourself then DON’T offer it.  It’s like going to a restaurant and paying for a’la’cart and eating MacDonalds.  I’ve seen newsletters from companies and I cringe when I see the poor presentation and pictures unaligned and shoved in anywhere.  I’m not saying I’m perfect but if you send a newsletter out  and it’s poor quality and you’re offering this as a service it doesn’t give a good first impression.  I made a huge mistake the other week and didn’t proof read my own newsletter and there was a spelling mistake!!  Lesson learned, don’t rush it, check it first Helen.


  • Before sending emails make sure you run a test campaign to see what it looks like when other people open the email.
  • Check colours and links to make sure they match your business brand.  This can be done in Mailchimps settings.
  • Proof read your document
  • Check the footer to ensure it displays the correct details of your business
  • Does it look good on the eye, professional enough for you to offer this as a service? (Be honest)

Adding graphics

There’s no excuse for not adding good quality graphics to your Mailchimp campaigns.  There are lots of sites out there that have copy right free images to use.

Try some of these:

  • Pixabay
  • Fotolia
  • Free images

Canva is also amazing at allowing you to create images without having to be a techy Graphic Designer.  Give it a whirl.

Creating your list

I hear the same story over and over:

  • “I just add all my business contacts into Mailchimp”
  • “I add anyone I meet into my list”
  • “It doesn’t matter if they didn’t subscribe”

Proceed with caution.  All of the above are WRONG! It is against mailing laws to add people to your email list without their permission.  Businesses are now reporting this, which is resulting in Mailchimp closing accounts down.

Just think about how frustrating it is when you receive those PPI or Accident phone calls on your mobile from people who’ve found your telephone number and added it to their list.  This is exactly what you’re doing when you’re adding their emails to your list.

To get people on your list offer a freebie to sign up.  This can be done by integrating Mailchimp plugins to your website and adding a bit of simple html coding to allow people to subscribe to your mailing list.  My freebie is my Instagram ebook and an Instagram video, which you can view here.  Be original with what you are offering and make it worth while for people to sign up.  Promote the freebie via social media to get people on your list.  It makes sense doesn’t it?

Be original

Write original, inspiring content.  Offer tips to people.  Don’t just brag about what you’ve achieved.  For people to stay subscribed and engaged they have to want to get something from you.

If you blog on a regular basis you can link your Mailchimp up to your RSS feed.

Don’t copy other peoples content.  It’s just not cool.

Ok, now you have the basic knowledge to start with Mailchimp.  I hope this has helped you think about ways you can change your email campaigns.

If you’d like further information about my email marketing packages then click here.

Bye for now.


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