Mailchimp has changed

Now you all know how much I LOVE Mailchimp!!! However Mailchimp has changed over the last week.

It does pretty much the same as its always done, however, they’ve made some changes, which ill leave up to you to decide.

The navigation menu that used to be along the top is now down the left hand side featuring campaigns, lists, templates etc.

To log out click on your user name and the logout option will appear in a dialogue box.

We can still add lists, create campaigns, add pictures and lists.

What we can’t do is use their custom headers, which were a part of the old programme. Sad face 🙁 Mailchimp has removed these. Instead you can use the integrations to integrate your Mailchimp with Shortstack, WordPress etc. If you’re a design guru this shouldn’t bother you as you can custom design your own headers using something like Photoshop or Publisher and we can help you do that

All the campaign features are still there apart from colour and font change, which poses huge problems if you want to change colour or size of your text. I’ve emailed Mailchimp about this and when I receive a response ill add it to this blog.

Existing users can use the old interface for the next few weeks. After that all uses will be migrated to the new look system.

A good thing about Mailchimp that I loved when learning myself was the video tutorials and guides available. Click on support and type in your question and Mailchimp will present you with help. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then email the team.

So, do you love it or hate it?? That is the question.

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