How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager

How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager

How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager

I’m writing today unhinged and in a state of de-stressing from my experience with Facebook Business Manager.  After what I went through this morning I’d like to tell you how to remove Facebook page from Business Manager.

Alot of my clients are wanting to use Facebook Advertising so I thought I’d check out Facebook Business Manager after receiving a recommendation from a Virtual Assistant Forum I’m in.

It looked great but quite a bit difficult to navigate for me and I’m good with technology.  I managed to add my business page to the Business Manager and thought that was it.

When I woke up at 6am this morning I realised that my Facebook page was nowhere to be seen and I was unable to share any content from my newsfeed onto my page.  Nooooooo, I thought as I love sharing the funnies and other interesting content my fans like to see.  I researched how to remedy this and sure enough this is a feature of Business Manager and found a solution from Kerry Rego :

  • in the Business Manager page click the cog shaped icon top right of screen
  • select pages (left hand side)
  • add new page
  • create a new page (I called mine Test Page)
  • select Business Information from the top menu bar
  • where is says primary page (your actual page) click the edit icon (pencil)
  • type in the new page to the box next to Primary page
  • your new page should highlight
  • select the new page and save
  • go back to Pages
  • select your real business page
  • click remove
  • (alternate instructions: Settings>Pages>click the page you want and simply click “REMOVE”)

What happened next?

This worked great, however my Facebook Page still couldn’t be seen in the left hand navigation bar of Facebook. This prompted me to do a search for my page, which was till there, however, I had no admin rights.

My phone pinged with an email to say I was no longer an admin of my page.  I went into full panic mode but thankfully remembered that I have a back up Admin on my page.  So a quick message to them and they reinstated me as an Admin on my own page.  Why would Facebook do this to me or anyone else for that matter?

If I hadn’t of had a back up admin on my page I would lost everything and and had to create a new page from scratch.

So the morale of the story is:

Always have a back up admin on your page incase anything happens and they can re-instate you. I now have 3!

I’d love to know what your experiences are with Facebook Business Manager as so far mine have been terrible!

Facebook rang me after I submitted a complaint and apologised, however, I’d like to know how I could of been left without a Facebook page…

Sweet dreams

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