Self Development

Self Development


I been playing a lot with my new WordPress website sunderlandhour this last week. I’ve learned quite a lot too. Big pat on the back for me and a big round of applause for Mark Bewick from Claro Creative for hosting and designing.

We all need to learn new skills to keep moving with the times. I must admit I’ve been quite scared of doing some of the techy stuff for a while and still have a lot to learn.. However I’ve now started a new journey that will take me in a new direction and I’ve also discovered I’ve got a fab support network to guide me too.

So what I’m trying to say is if you’re scared of trying something new, give it a whirl… At least then you know it’s a yey or nah!! As the saying goes

we can all but try

If you’re still not confident then leave it to the experts but don’t be scared to ask for help as it’s always there.

So, try something new today that you’ve wanted to try for ages.. Go for it..


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