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I’ve recently just finished working on a training project with a new business.  They’d tasked me with helping them understand Twitter more and how it can be used for their business.

To ensure this was a success I adopted three things I would cover:

Hash tags

Hash tags

Hash tags are used as part of the search facility in Twitter and if you carry out a search for say example : virtual assistant, any tweets containing the term virtual assistant or #virtualassistant will appear.

I got the organisation to carry out a niche search using a variety of hash tags applicable to who they wanted to target and identify what hash tags they were using.

This started their use and und er standing if how hash tags work.


Scheduling is a great way of keeping your business online during busy periods.

I demonstrated how to use Hootsuite and how this can be used to schedule posts just like setting your sky+ when you’re out. Hootsuite integrates with Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 


Although scheduling is a great way of keeping an online presence, I explained to the organisation they must engage with followers. Nobody likes talking to an empty tweet.

I targeted the organisation to strike up conversation  with their niche,  get to know them. This is important as people buy from people and like to know the face behind the mask so to speak.

We monitored this activity over 1 month and as a result the organisation gained valuable leads and a number of referrals.

I believe in everything in moderation.

Have a great weekend

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