Taking a selfie

Taking a Selfie

We all know how much “taking a selfie” is all the rage now.  You see it everywhere since the famous Oscar shot! You have to admit that everyone is at it.  I love a good selfie.

So, why am I blogging about taking a selfie?  Well, I use social media to promote HJC Business Solutions and Facebook and Instagram are included in that.

Now you maybe thinking hang on a minute why is she talking about taking selfies and promoting HJC Business Solutions.  Well the answer is simple and here’s an example:  I had a recent meeting with a client and took a selfie and used the caption “off to meet a new client to discuss #socialmediamanagement” then used hashtags #virtualassistant #marketing #client #love #facebook #instagram #twitter.  I shared this post to Instagram and Facebook, which then automatically generated interest on Facebook and Instagram about what I was doing.  The post generated new likes and interest and an inbox complimenting me on the way I looked and an enquiry about my social media management, I’m meeting the client next week to discuss their requirements.

Now I’m not saying that by taking a selfie it’s going to generate you leads each time.  However, if you have your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms set up correctly including links to your website and email then the person viewing your “selfie” then gets the option to click through to your website and browse your content.  This is just another way of generating traffic to your website.

It’s also about using the right hashtags and using websites to find out what is trending.  If you use a trending hashtag in your selfie post then your post WILL be seen by thousands of people.

So, what you waiting for, get taking a selfie and let me know how you get on!

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