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Twitter chats are popping up all over the Internet. There are lots of different types:


The most popular chats are those, which involve local areas throughout the UK. The chats encourage businesses to promote and network with each other.

The rules are simple, tweet about your business using the hash tag associated with that chat, which is normally #sunderlandhour, #northeasthour or something similar.

An example of something I would tweet is:

“Why do all your own admin when I can do it for you” #sunderlandhour

I am the founder and host of #sunderlandhour which runs every Thursday 8-9pm. The twitter chat is growing from strength to strength every week and I’m so proud of my baby.

Joining these Twitter chats is a brilliant way to get your business recognised and meet potential clients.

Why not try one of them or if you’re local in Sunderland come and join in #sunderlandhour. We would love to welcome you.

#sunderlandhour Thursday 8-9pm
#northeasthour Monday 8-9pm
#Darlobizhour Monday 7:30-8:30pm
#northeasthour Tuesday 2-3pm
#Smallbizhour Tuesday 9-10pm
#bizhour Monday to Friday 2-3pm
#northwesthour Friday 9-10pm
#englandhour Sunday 9-10pm
#CoDurhamHour Sunday 8-9pm
#CoDurhamHour Wednesday 2-3pm

You can check out to find out all the Twitter chats going on.

If you know of any other Twitter chats post them in a comment.

Tweet grid is a fantastic tool to use to follow these chats:

Happy tweeting tweeps!!!

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