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How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager

How to remove Facebook page from Business Manager I'm writing today unhinged and in a state of de-stressing from my experience with Facebook Business Manager.  After what I went through this morning I'd like to tell you how to remove Facebook page from Business Manager. Alot of my clients are wanting to use Facebook Advertising so I thought I'd check out Facebook Business Manager after receiving a recommendation from a Virtual Assistant Forum I'm in. It looked great but quite a bit [...]

Facebook pages

I feel compelled to write this blog after seeing so many people using their personal profiles as their business on Facebook. This is against Facebook terms and conditions and your profile will eventually be turned into a business page by Facebook. You are allowed to share from your business page to your personal profile but not to outwardly use your personal profile as your business. If you want any help setting up your business page or have questions about this then [...]

October and November!

It's the months of Gouls, ghosts, fireworks and witches!!!! I always try to offer my clients special offers to fit in with different seasons throughout the year. A fantastic VA gave me that tip as I was starting out. Keeping with themes I'm SLASHING my training prices this October and November. If you aren't aware of the training I offer it's all about social media and helping you manage it yourself... I even manage it for you if you need me [...]

New edit feature in Facebook

Hello... There's another Facebook change that's occurred recently.. Me being a Social Media gal wanted to share this with my readers.. Have you ever had that moment when you publish a status then realise you've missed something out?? The norm used to be delete and re-do or comment underneath... Well, this is no more... You can now edit your published posts in Facebook on the web or using your mobile phone... However if your an Apple user this change isn't available [...]

Facebook and IOS7

Hiya!! I was wondering what all the fuss was about with IOS7 so thought I'd find out... There's some great features and changes to apps, which I've detailed below.. First however, I'd like to talk about videos with Facebook. Videos within your timeline will automatically start to play. Originally when videos appeared in your timeline they didn't have any sound, now they do!' The video will be silent, however you can select it to play sound and open in full [...]

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