How Pokemon Go can Boost Business Sales

How Pokemon Go can Boost Business Sales

How Pokemon Go can Boost Business Sales


Pokemon Go was the game Summer 2016.  The game saw thousands of people catching pokemon in the wild and I was one of them.  I’d like to tell you how Pokemon Go can boost business sales.


I wanted to write an ebook or a blog on how Pokemon Go could help businesses and started playing the game purely for research purposes, however, ended up loving the game and the blog or ebook fell by the wayside whilst I had lots of fun.  I also met loads of new friends who are now my close friends now.


Niantic who are the brains behind Pokemon announced on 16th February that the long awaited Generation 2 Pokemon were being released over the weekend.  To my delight it was dropped at 11pm on Thursday 16th with some of my friends hot footing it to their nearest poke stops.


I started playing Pokemon Go in July and have gained so much knowledge from it that there’s not a lot I don’t know.


I’ve also completed my pokedex for Gen1, which wasn’t easy.  They call us Pokemon Trainers and the grind for Pokemon is certainly real, hard work but fantastic fun!


So, what better time to pass on my knowledge and ideas to businesses as to how this game can benefit footfall into your business.


How Pokemon Go can Boost your business sales


Encourage the use of toilets


In the summer we would be out hunting Pokemon until the early hours of the morning.  This involved a lot of walking and as of December I’d walked over 200 miles.  Now, if you’re not near a pub or a toilet this can get difficult.


If your business has a public toilet like supermarket, garage, pub, restaurant etc, you could encourage players to use toilets if they donate a small amount of money to charity.


Asking Trainers to Tag your business page


Encourage players to tag your business page with pokemon they’ve caught there.  This will encourage players to come to your business if they know pokemon spawn there.  When we say Spawn we mean appear.


Lure your business up


A feature of pokemon is poke stops.  Players can stock up on the following at poke stops:


  • Raspberries
  • Poke balls, great balls and ultra balls
  • Special items needed to evolve pokemon
  • Potions
  • Revives


Players can also purchase Lure blocks from the in-game shop.  When Lures are used on a poke stop they lure pokemon to that location for 30 minutes.  An indication that a poke stop is lured up is pink blossom falling from it.


You can request that your business becomes a poke stop and keep it lured up to attract players.  If you have a shop, café, pub, garage etc you can entice players into your premises with lures.


Players will also lure the premises up whilst sat drinking, eating etc.  It’s a win, win situation for all.


You can request this here:


Again encourage people to tag your business using social media whilst they’re playing.  Get them to tell visitors what pokemon they’ve found.


Themed food and drinks


If you’re in the food and beverage industry what better way to attract players than with themed food and cocktails.  Shelder delight, Pikachu pink fancy.  The list is endless and if you’re a poke stop then players can visit and play whilst socialising with friends.


Host a Lure Party


If your venue is a Poke Stop why not host a Lure Party.  Ask players to attend the night and Lure your venue up throughout the duration of the party.  Again, ask players to tag your business on their social media channels what pokemon they have caught.  If the lures spawn a rare pokemon this could see an increase in visitors as rare pokemon aren’t found everywhere.


If you have a large screen in the venue you could even have a pokemon tracker map on screen showing where pokemon are spawning around the area.


Organised Pokemon Meet ups


Organise a Pokemon meet up with your business.  Ask players to pay a small fee, meet at your venue for food and drinks included in price of Hunting Party. This will encourage players to purchase drinks and refreshments too.  Carry out research and find out where pokemon spawn near your venue so you can be the perfect host.  Better still, ask me…..It’s also a great opportunity for solo players to meet existing players and buddy up whilst playing.  I’ve met so many new people playing the game and have got a new circle of friends, which is fantastic.



Dog Walking


Do you have a Dog Walking business or kennels where you need dogs walking?  You could set up a walking events for people to volunteer dog walking and catch pokemon.  This would spread awareness of your business and get the dogs walked.


Using Social Media


Become a Pokemon Trainer and use social media to it’s advantage.  Post pictures on social media channels of what pokemon you’ve caught at your business.


Encourage conversation on your social media channels,


  • Ask players where the strangest place they’ve caught a pokemon.
  • Ask players what their highest combat power (CP) pokemon is?
  • How many pokemon they have in gyms
  • What’s their rarest pokemon they’ve caught?
  • Have T-shirts designed “Play pokemon here”
  • Catch rare pokemon here e.g. Lapras, Snorlax, however, don’t advertise this if the pokemon haven’t spawned. You’ll have some very disgruntled players if they venture to your premises and they don’t spawn.  Do your research and know what spawns at your premises.  (by the way Lapras and Snorlax are VERY RARE)


Once players are on your Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc they have the opportunity to check out what other offers you have and gain information on your business.


Pokemon Loyalty Card


Offer discounts for players near your premises, show us your Pokemon Go account and receive 10% of your first drink or another promotion.


Have a Pokemon Go Loyalty card, players get a stamp or tick everytime they visit and upon their seventh or tenth visit they receive a discount on products.




Prizes, rewards and Offers


Give customer rewards for every pokemon you’re able to evolve using lures at your premises.  For example if your premises spawns Onyx and you’re able to evolve using items gained from your premises poke stop then give them a reward.  Note:  This must be done straight away and shown to a member of your staff.


If you live near lakes and sea you will see more Magikarp.  Magikarp need 400 candy to evolve.  If the lure at your premises spawns a Magikarp and this enables players to evolve their pokemon you could offer them a discount on a product e.g. alcohol or soft drink.


When players catch pokemon they receive candy and star dust.  Star dust is needed to power up pokemon to enable them to fight in gyms.  A discount you could offer is: Reach 20,000 star dust when using your poke stop and claim a 10% voucher,  personal training sessions,  pamper,  goody bag,
Players introduce another trainer to your business and receive a loyalty card or discounted product.


If a team takes down a nearby gym or if your premises is a gym give them a discount, reward and encourage them to play near your premises.


If you encourage players in with deals and offers, trust me, they’ll come in.  As I mentioned earlier I’m an active player and would jump at the chance of anything like this.


Tour of poke stops


Niantic made changes to the game late last year with speed limits in vehicles reduced to 20mph.  I’m now lead to believe its 17mph, which is for health and safety.  However, this stopped people being able to play whilst on buses, taxis and passengers in cars.


If you have a transport company such as taxi, minibus etc you could offer tours of poke stops of the area.  This will give players an insight as to where local poke stops are and they can introduce this to their hunts.


VIP website Techie


If you work from home you could also still buy into the hype of Pokemon Go.  You could set up a website where players pay a small fee to receive rare information on the game.  You’d obviously have to know lots about the game and be an active player yourself to achieve this.  There isn’t a lot of information that us Pokemon Go Players don’t know and there are a lot of Facebook Groups with active players sharing information.


Design a tracking map.  Pokemon Go has an inbuilt tracker that works if you have poke stops near you.  If you don’t have poke stops near you like me, there is no way to find out where pokemon are that appear in the sightings.  Now a word of warning Niantic don’t like tracking maps that aren’t designed by them.  However, there are ways and means around this and I for one would be very grateful for a decent tracking map that shows when pokemon spawn straight away for the whole of my city. So if you’re reading this blog and think I can do that then please do!!


I hope some of these ideas will be of some use to your business.  In the meantime “gotta catch them all”





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