Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook


I get asked by my clients how to market on Facebook.

There are many things you can be doing and here are just a few tips:

Know your target

Once upon a time it was about getting as many likes as you possibly could. But now the quality of people overrides your fans. You NEED people who actually want to hear from you and buy your products.


Test what works, try out new ideas. Don’t rule out paid advertising as some can cost very little.  Use all the features to their full advantage.


Create high quality content that will engage your audience.   Decide what you want them to do once they’ve read your post. Do you want them to click through to a website, engage in discussion or purchase an item.


Share content from other pages and build on those relationships. This can prove more successful than liking or commenting as your post reaches a wider audience.

Facebook has changed and I feel for the better. By considering all our options we can utilise all tools available and get our brands noticed more.

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