The benefits of working with HJC Business Solutions

The benefits of working with HJC Business Solutions

When meeting new people and customers they often have a puzzled look on their face when I tell them I’m a VA.

So nows the time when I’m going to tell you what a VA is and how I can benefit your business.

A VA is a Virtual Assistant. What’s that? I hear you cry. A Virtual Assistant is someone who you may not meet or meet very little who will carry out admin jobs for your business.

A Virtual Assistant like myself has huge benefits and this is how HJC Business Solutions can benefit you.

We don’t need your office space as we work virtually from our base.

We don’t need to be paid a salary as we only work the hours you need us to.

We can tailor packages and support to suit your every need.

We don’t need to be added to your organisation as an employee.

We dont need equipment as we already have our own systems up and running.

No employee costs to you: sick, holiday or maternity pay, tax, national insurance and PAYE

No tribunals or redundancy

We don’t require any training

We are available out of hours

You only pay for the time you use

By outsourcing to HJC you will gain valuable and important time back allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Becoming a recognised master of your profession is important and with HJC’s help we can help you achieve that.

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