Top Tips for CV Writing

Top Tips for CV Writing

I often get asked by clients “what makes a good CV?” “What does an employer look for in a CV?”

I have helped clients redesign their CV’s and maximise their employment opportunities by following simple steps.

Most people aren’t sure how to write a CV or what information a CV should include.

I’ve put together these top tips to help your with CV writing. I hope they help when writing your CV.

1 Keep your CV to maximum 3 pages long

2 List your education, employment and training information in reverse chronological order

3 Include a small personal statement selling yourself at the front of your CV

4 Use buzz words in your CV, however back these up with examples in the text of your CV.

5 Be sure to include personal details with up to date contact details

6 Keep the text to Arial or Times New Roman as this is easier to read

7 Don’t use pictures as this can often make your CV look untidy

Feel free to contact me for any advice or help when compiling your CV.

Good luck!

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