Striving for Gold!

Striving for Gold!

I’m finding adjusting to no Olympics very strange and miss seeing it on TV!

I had the Olympic buzz and found myself screaming and shouting at the TV cheering all the athletes on! Next door must of thought I was a mentalist ha ha!

The Olympics was fantastic, the best one I’ve ever watched. Team GB inspired me and I’ll bet hundreds of others to do something they’ve always wanted to do.

It just goes to show that if we put our
minds to it then anything is possible. To do this we must set ourselves a target. Now it’s no good just saying “within two years I want to compete in a swimming competition” or “by this time next year I want to own my own
Business.”. You need to ask the question how am I going to achieve that?

The way to achieve the BIG dreams is to set small targets in between. Kind of like taking baby steps before you can walk, walking before you can run!

Take my swimming example: you could set these baby targets:

Find out if there is a swimming club you can join
Identify what your strongest stroke is
Practise strongest stroke
Time yourself sprinting 25 metres
Build up to 50 metres over a period of 6 months
Time yourself sprinting 50 metres
Keep a diary of speed times to monitor your improvements
Know the standard of swimmers in local competitions

In by setting these baby targets it puts you on the route to achieving your DREAM target of competing in a competition.

All targets must be SMART, which we already understand, however they must be realistic and you must be able to meet them. It’s pointless setting yourself a target and not being able to meet it. That will just set you up to fail.

Remember it’s your Dream and your Gold medal.

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