Time management and billing

Time management and billing

When starting up your business there’s money that has to be spent to ensure your business runs smoothly and keeps you looking professional!

In the current climate there aren’t many grants available and many people are unable to take out loans due to their current financial status.

In my line of work it is vital that I have up to date and accurate time tracking management systems to ensure my clients are billed correctly.

When setting up my business I carried out some research into free time management systems and found Paymo.

I downloaded the software which has proved amazing for me.  The software downloads onto your computer and has a time widget that you click start and stop to record the time spent on projects.  It’s easy to use and fool proof.

Paymo allows the user to set up several projects relating to your client, which then appear on your timesheet.

You can grant access to your client so they are able to see what projects you are working on.

If you are a small business starting out then I can highly recommend Paymo.  Give it a go!

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